Why it's important to learn english


Woodward English Conversation Question 15

Why are you learning English?

Here are some possible responses khổng lồ this question:

I am learning English because…

I need it for work.I need it khổng lồ get a better job.I need it khổng lồ pass my course / degree.I want to lớn study / live in an English-speaking country.It is useful when you travel.I lượt thích learning new languages.I want lớn understand songs in English.I want khổng lồ understand movies in English.I want to make new friends.I want to lớn read books in their original language.I like to talk lớn people và learn about other cultures.Most things on the mạng internet (that I am interested in) are in English.English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.It is a personal goal lớn become better.I want to lớn know what appears in đoạn phim games.It keeps my brain activeIt is fun!

How are you learning English?

There are many different ways khổng lồ learn English. Some people prefer one method, others another. Try some of the following ways to learn English & see which you lượt thích the most. Remember, if you enjoy the learning experience, you will learn more.

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It is part of a course I am taking at school or university.I am taking lessons at a language school.I have a private teacher (in person or online)I study by myself (I am self-taught). How bởi vì you study English by yourself?On không tính phí websites (e.g. Www.thegioimucin.com.vn – www.grammar.cl – www.vocabulary.cl)On paid language learning websites.I use apps on my phone khổng lồ learn.I am in an English-speaking country so learn by using.I read the news in English (newspapers or online)Watching movies in English (with English subtitles)Learning the lyrics of my favorite songs.

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What are some other ways to lớn learn English that are not mentioned here?

What has been the easiest thing about learning English?

They are many places online where I can learn English for miễn phí (websites, YouTube, etc.)There is a lot of material I can use to lớn learn English (books, movies, songs, social media)The tenses are easy to learn compared to in my language.There is only one size for each adjective (no different singular/plural/masculine/feminine forms)There is only one definite article (THE).Most of the grammar is easy.It is easy khổng lồ read English.

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What has been the most difficult thing about learning English?

Every person is different though here are some areas of English that students may find difficult:

Pronunciation – trying lớn sound lượt thích a native speaker.Understanding what people say – people speak too quickly for me.Trying not khổng lồ translate from my first language (think in English)Spelling – why are the words pronounced differently from how they are written?Phrasal verbs – why are there so many phrasal verbs in English?Prepositions – they confuse me.Practicing with others – finding someone to practice English with.

What advice would you give to someone starting to lớn learn English?

Don’t worry about making mistakes. That is when you discover what you need lớn work on more.Try to USE English as much as possible.Try to lớn mimic what native speakers say in movies, series, etc. This way you will become more comfortable with the rhythm of the language & pronunciation.Read books for children or graded readers. The vocabulary và grammar structures will not be advanced & appropriate for your level. Sometimes you already know the story so this can help too.Try to lớn study every day, even if it is only for 5 minutes.Try to lớn learn at least one new word every day.Don’t worry about not understanding what singers says in songs. Sometimes it is difficult for native speakers too!

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Why are you learning English?