Who is your favorite singer?

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Music is a calming, nice thing khổng lồ listen to. Some people lượt thích rock, while some like calming music, or even a mix, pop. You may think, ughghg how can music solve my problems? Well, some musics actually HAVE answers to your problems. They may even have lessons in them!

Are YOU a musician? How well bởi you know music? You can find out by taking this RADICAL quiz! Don"t worry.. If you get a bad score..well.. Try again, tell you master it!

What kind of music bởi vì you like? Classical Pop Rock Rap Country What the heck! Who likes music?!!Who is your favorite singer out of these? Becky G Carrie Underwood Lady GaGa Maroon 5 Grateful Dead SlipknotWho is your second favorite singer? Zendaya Pink Skylor Stecker Madonna Taylor Swift Meghan TrainerWhat"s the good thing about music? It"s tune It"s lyrics I don"t know... Songs these days are SOO catchy!! EVERYTHING!! PEOPLE!! WHAT THE HECK!! I bởi vì NOT lượt thích MUSIC!! the clothes...

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Who is your favorite band? Fifth Harmony One Direction Five seconds of summer The Dixi Chics SlipknotWhy vị you like country? It"s tune It"s words The outfits the singers wear Uhh..I only lượt thích the girl country singers, they are HOT!! You dummies! I am from the country! HELLO!! Uhh.. I lượt thích the boy country singers...They are REALLY HOT!!Why do you like pop? It"s tune It"s lyrics The outfits they wear Uhhh.. I like the girl country singers.. They"re REALLY HOT!! YOU DUMMIES!! I DONT like MUSIC!! Uhh.. I lượt thích the boy country singers.. They are REALLY HOT!!Why vày you lượt thích rap? It"s tune It"s lyrics Uhh..I like the boy rapppers..three words- they-are-HOT!! Uhh..the girl rappers..three words..they-are-SEXY Uhh..WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME THIS?????!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know.. Whats rap?Who is your favorite rapper? Iggy Azalea Eminem Becky G Snoop Dogg Baby Kaely Will-I-AmWho is your favorite classical musician? Mozart Beetoven Bach Handel vivaldi WHAT THE HECK PEOPLE!!

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Quiz topic: Who is my favorite singer

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