Minh is a common first và middle name among Vietnamese people. It is derived from the Chinese name Ming (明), which directly translates khổng lồ "bright". The name may refer to:


Hostosian National Independence Movement

The Hostosian National Independence Movement (Spanish: Movimiento Independentista Nacional Hostosiano, MINH) is a leftist và pro-independence organization in Puerto Rico.

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The MINH was formed on May 6, 2004, by a merger of the National Hostosian Congress (CNH) và the New Puerto Rican Independence Movement (NMIP). The two groups that formed the MINH were organizational descendants of the Puerto Rican Socialist các buổi party (PSP). The organization"s name and ideology are based on the tradition of Eugenio María de Hostos, a historical independence advocate. The official organ of the MINH is Red Betances and the newspaper "El Hostosiano".

The MINH was founded by the unification of two other independence groups: the "Congreso Nacional Hostosiano (CNH)" và the "Nuevo Movimiento Independentista Puertorriqueno (NMIP)". The MINH is not, nor strives lớn be, an electoral party. Instead, the MINH original goal was to operate in Civil Society as an autonomous entity engaged in community organizing, patriotic education campaigns, anti-colonialism, và defending/promoting the ideal of independence among Puerto Ricans.

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Shin may refer to:

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Shin (singer)

Shin (Chinese: 蘇見信) was born on 14 May 1971. He is a Taiwanese musician, actor and singer-songwriter. He is as the former lead singer of Shin và a Golden Melody Awards nominee for Best Mandarin Male Singer.

Shin had been singing in pubs for around 10 years before becoming a singer. He formed a band with Chris, Michael, Max và Tomi during his pub singing days. They debuted their self-titled album Shin (信樂團同名專輯) in May 2002. On đôi mươi March 2007, he left the band và started his solo career.

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Musical Style/ Vocal Characteristics

Shin is noted for his wide vocal range and extremely powerful voice which is lacking in Mandopop. Shin is also for his high screams while singing rock songs. He got the public attention by singing Scorpions"s Still Loving You và other foreign rock band"s songs in Harlem Yu"s show 音樂大不同. He became popular in mainland trung quốc by the tuy vậy 死了都要愛

Shin"s musical style includes Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Pop Rock & Mandopop in which he mainly sings Hard Rock. He also tries other music genres like nu metal, progressive rock và Britpop in his few songs such as 再見, 頑強 and 英國的夏天.

menu of Fist of the North Star characters

The following is a danh sách of fictional characters from the manga và anime franchise Fist of the North Star by Tetsuo Hara và Buronson. All characters are from the original manga unless otherwise noted.

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Hokuto Shinken

Hokuto Shinken (北斗神拳 Big Dipper God Fist) is an ancient Chinese martial art, dating back 1800 years from China. Its founder was Shuken of the ancient "Hokuto Sōke" ruling line, who combined his Hokuto Sōke no Ken & Seito Gek Ken to lớn create Hokuto Shin Ken. This martial art makes use of the opponents" 708 Keiraku Hikō, also as tsubo or pressure points. These pressure points destroy the enemy from within.


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