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I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the otherwords.

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1) A. Change B. Children C. Machine D. Church2) A. Guitarist B. Passenger C. Generous D. Village3) A. Other B. Long C. Possible D. Constancy

II. Choose the word that has bít tất tay pattern different from that of the other words.4) A. Number B. Eager C. Special D. Affair

5) A. Feeling B. Believe C. Ready D. Easy

6) A. Acquaintance B. Interest C. Capable D. SympathyB. VOCABULARY và GRAMMAR

I. Choose the best answer to lớn complete each sentence.

7) Most of the undeveloped countries need a lot of ... Aid.A. Together B. Unselfish C. Mutual D. Friend8) He is too ... To lớn lend me his bicycle.

A. Selfish B. Enthusiastic C. Helpful D. Pleasant

9) Suddenly she recognized the ... Of the situation that made her laugh.A. Wonder B. Pleasure C. Understanding D. Hunour

10) He is a ...person because he is always friendly with everyone.

A. Helpful B. Good-natured C. Honest D. Quick-witted11) If you want to get a good result in every work, you should have a...

A. Loyalty B. Sympathy C. Constancy D. Unselfishness12) A ... Friendship is a precious relation ship.

A. Mutual B. Sincere C. Generous D. Successful13) A good marriage is based on ... .

A. Trust B. Loyalty C. Secret D. A & B


A. Unable B. Impossible C. Incapable D. Not able15) They let their children ... Up late at weekends.A. Staying B. Stay C. Khổng lồ stay D. Stayed16) The children were eager ... Their parents.

A. To lớn see B. See C. Seeing D. Saw17) I’d rather ... At home.

A. To lớn stay B. Staying C. Stayed D. Stay 18) Peter is very funny. He makes me ... A lot

A. Laugh B. To laugh C. Laughing D. Laughed 19) They noticed him ... The agreement.

A. Sign B. To sign C. Signing D. Signed 20) It’s important for her ... The office.

A. Ringing B. Ring C. Rang D. Khổng lồ ring 21) They would ... Go by plane than spend a week traveling by train.A. Lượt thích B. Rather C. Prefer D. Better 22) The monster made ... For a meeting after work.

A. Us lớn stay B. Us stay C. Us staying D. Us lớn stayingII. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting. 23) I couldn’t make my oto to start this morning.

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24) There are a lot of work to vì here. A B C D

25) I’m sure he is incapable in running a mile in four minutes. A B C D

26) Good friendship should be basing on mutual understanding. A B C D

27) I’m delighted hearing that you have made much progress in your study. A B C D

III. Put the verbs in parentheses into the correct form. 28) That was a very strange question (ask) ... . 29) It was very kind of you (show)... The way.


31) It was quite a surprise (see) ... Him again.

32) I overheard him (say) ... That he didn’t want khổng lồ learn Math. 33) She stood there và watched him (drive) ... Away. 34) It was very difficult for her (drive)... The motorbike. 35) I could feel the robber (come) ... From the backdoor.C. READING

Read the passage and choose one correct answer for each question. MANDI’S MAKING FRIENDS

My name’s Mandi. Three months ago, I went lớn disco where I met a boy called Tom. I guessedhe was older than me, but I liked him and thought it didn’t matter. We danced a couple of times,then we chatted. He said he was 18, then asked how old I was. I told him I was 16. I thought thatif I told him my real age, he wouldn’t want khổng lồ know me, as I’m only 13.

After the dicso we arranged to lớn meet the following weekend. The next Saturday we went for aburger & had a real laugh. Afterwards he walked me to my street và kissed me goodnight.Things went really well. We see each other a couple of times a week, but I’ve had khổng lồ lie khổng lồ myparents about where I’m going & who with. I’ve always got on with them, but I know if theyfound out how Tom was they’d stop me seeing him.

Now I really don’t know what to do. I can’t go on lying to lớn my parents every time I go out,and Ton keeps asking he can’t come around to my house. I’m really worried & I need someadvice.

36) Why has Mandi written this?A. Khổng lồ describe her boyfriendB. To lớn prove how clever she isC. To explain a problemD. Lớn defend her actions37) Who is she writing to?
A. Her boyfriend

B. Her parents

C. A teenage magazineD. A school friend

38) Why is Mandi worried?


C. She’s not allowed khổng lồ go to disco. D. Her parents are angry with her.39) Why can’t Tom come khổng lồ Mandi’s house?

A. She doesn’t want her parents to meet him.B. Her parents don’t like him.

C. He’s nervous of meeting her parents.

D. She doesn’t want him khổng lồ see where she lives.40) Which of these answers did Mandi receive?A. Tell me what you really feel.

B. You must start by being honest with everyone.C. Everyone’s unfair to lớn you.

D. Don’t worry. I’m sure Tom will change his mind.D. WRITING

Arrange these words or groups of words in the correct order.41) tell/ have/ news/ We/ to/ not/ got/ any/ you

...42) to/ 8.00/ for/ It’s/ be/ before/ impossible/ me/ there

...43) man/ through/ window/ 5/ I/ minutes/ jump/ the/ saw a/ ago

... 44) me/ to/ with/ in/ They/ Florida/ invited/ stay/ them

... 45) hair/ friend/ My/ has/ face/ and/ black/ an/ oval

...ĐÁP ÁN


I. 1) C. Machine 2) A. Guitarist 3) A. OtherII. 4) D. Affair 5) B. Believe 6) A. Acquaintance B. VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR

I. 7) C. Mutual 8) A. Selfish 9) D. Hunour 10) A. Helpful 11) C. Constancy 12) B. Sincere 13) D. A & B 14) C. Incapable 15) B. Stay 16) A. Lớn see 17) D. Stay 18) A. Laugh


II. 23) C. Start 24) A. There is 25) B. Of 26) B. Based 27) B. Khổng lồ hearIII. 28) to ask 29) to show 30) stay 31) to lớn see

32) say 33) drive 34) to drive 35) comeC. READING

36) C. Lớn explain a problem37) C. A teenage magazine38) A. She’s been telling lies.

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39) A. She doesn’t want her parents to meet him.40) B. You must start by being honest with everyone.D. WRITING

41) We have not any news khổng lồ tell you.

42) It’s impossible for me to be there before 8.00.

43) I saw a man jump through the window 5 minutes ago. 44) They invited me to lớn stay with them in Florida.

45) My friend has an oval face và black hair (black hair and an oval face). Mời bạn đọc tìm hiểu thêm tài liệu giờ Anh lớp 11 trên đây: